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 Cicely's Signature Thai Massage

Cicely has trained at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok Thailand. Come to experience the traditional Thai setting!

What is Thai Massage Therapy?

It is a 3000 year old "folk art" and healing method, that uses simple procedures to rapidly eliminate disease both physical and emotional.

It balances and harmonizes your body's shakti/chi/prana or whichever term you use to describe the natural energy that is streaming through your body keeping you alive.

It can roughly be described as a combination of the benefits of: assisted stretching, yoga, acupressure/meridian therapy, and meditation.

It is a total mind, body, emotional and spiritual bliss vacation! The receiver's only job is to relax and meditate.

There are reasons why this Therapy the receiver wears clothing...

Clothing is worn during the Thai Massage Therapy session. (A set of comfortable Thai style outfit will be provided for the massage session) This began as a traditional form of therapy given to royalty, elite citizens such as the Buddha as well as Gods and Goddesses such as Krishna and Laxshmi. The experience is of a spiritual nature. There are many positions where clothing is a huge benefit, maintaining the integrity of the receiver and the practitioner alike.

The session will take place on a large, incredibly comfortable queen sized Futon mattress, covered in "soft, fluffy goodness. You will easily drift away to your favorite galaxy while I take you on a healing journey you will never forget.

The wonderful thing about Thai Massage Therapy, is that your current condition will improve with each session. Whatever you are currently dealing with physically, it can and will begin to heal rapidly, as the blood flow/circulation improves, stiffness in muscles lessens, and natural state of balance and harmony begin to take effect. Young or old, everyone can benefit from this healing art-form.

How much is a session?

Each session is an investment into your total health and healing. This therapy has been used as prevention and at times instead of surgery and other traditional medical procedures for pain, dis-ease and mind/body imbalances. Traditionally, people were turning to psychiatry and surgery to alleviate mind/body/emotional ailments, but not so much any more. This holistic and therapeutic treatment will leave you feeling more calm, centered, balanced, open and relaxed than you have felt in years. Try a session, see for yourself!

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